Monday, 13 May 2013

Special Effects - Warp zone (Process)

1st off i start with storyboards getting the initial idea down.  I'm not one to use scrips, i take lots of notes but i just work better with pictures.

After the story boards i go out and film.  When filming the initial idea change a bit, mainly because characters needed to be more fleshed out and some changes had to be done to suit the location.

This was my 1st ever time using after effects and im rather proud of what i ended up with.  I have grown to love after effects and look into using it a lot more in the future.

Test film - I do this to give me an idea on how everything looks and flows.  This also allows me to have friends see if anything needs to be changed.

I then get to work on making the final.  I released i had to re-dub the voices but after watching it with some music i released the film worked a lot better without the speech.  I also touched up and added a few more effects.

I left it on a cliff hanger as i really liked this concept and felt i could carry on the story and make my own mini series out of it.