Monday, 13 May 2013

My Animation Process (Honours - Game Scene)

I just want to show you how much effort i actually put into an animation. And who knows maybe you just might learn something from it all.

1st of the line test.  This helps me picture whats going to happen and lets me test out wether the animations work or not.  Also alot easier to make changes at this stage as its so basic.

I then move on to a fleshed out version.  Basically the final version without the details.  This allows me to see how the final version will look and allows me to make any changes before the final version, were it will be much harder to change as there is a-lot more detail in it.

I then add some basic colours to show me how it looks coloured.  This allows me to see what changes need to be made to the outlines.

And finally the final version.  Cleaned up lines and the final colours.  I wish i had more time to spend on the lines and the colours here as im still not completely satisfied but you can now see why i was low on time.

                            this process for each scene of my honours project as i feel this is the best way to get the highest quality work.