Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Flashbacks - Classroom Script

This is the script i wrote for my film - flashbacks.  This is my script, not the final edited version.  This is my work, if you would like to use it please ask 1st. 


shank sits at desk waiting for class. class walk's in. shank checks desk, realise's he's missing papers.

shank: right im going to get some past papers wait hear
IAN: why do we need to do them again I mean we've been doing them all week
shank: You have to study otherwise you'll feel small once the exams come along
Ian: Feel small thats not what your wife said last night
shank: Maybe so but I still think you should study
Ian: I still think you should shut up
shank: out!

whole class starts laughing at shank.
shank: in-fact all of use out!

Once shank walks out Ian walks back in and pulls out plugs on pc whilst others keep watch. Class all change to wear shanks clothes and sit back n class. shank walks back in.

shank: who said you could come in here
Ian: That's what she said
shank: ahh.. Silly boy
Class: ahh.. Silly boy
shank: Did use manage to get those memory pens class?
Class: yes.
Class take out memory striks.
shank: wow there much smaller than I expected
Ian: as your wife said to you last night
shank: Out!

shank sit's back at his desk and trys to turn on p.c. Try's moving mouse/keyboard button bashing then trys to plug in when he realises all wires are pulled out.

shank: ahh.. Silly Boys!
Class: ahh.. Silly Boys
shank: well I was going to show use an interesting documentary I was watching last night
ian: I was watching porn last night
shank: out!
Time passes.

shank takes out tape recorder.
Ian: what's that.
shank: a tape record, for recording my lesson.
shank turns tape on and places on desk.
shank ok well as you remember... (interupted by ian)
ian: Mr.shank why are you takeing your trousers off. Aaahhh!!! back off and put your trousers back on. eeww...
shank: but i've not got my trousers off what are you talking about ian. Silly boy.
Class all join in at slagging shank. shank punches hand into wall but gets stuck.
Class all laugh.
shank turns off recorder.
Time passes.
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