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Chuck Jones


Loony Tunes 

Looney Tunes - Golden Collection
Looney Tunes - Golden Collection

 3 0f which are in the National Film Registry(Duck Amuck, One Froggy Evening and Whats Opera, Doc?) hailed by critics to be some of the best cartoons ever made and I hope to explain why later in this blog.

Jones also won 3 oscars for Scent -imental resons, So Much for So Little and The dot and the Line.

The Dot and the Line: A Romance in Lower Mathematics
The Dot and the Line: A Romance in Lower Mathematics

He Recived an Academy Award by the Academy of Motion Picture Art and Sciences for "the creation of classic cartoon cartoons and cartoon characters whose animated lives have brought joy to our real ones for more that half a century"

why I believe he's made a major contribution to the world of animation.

Chuck showed what could be done on a short time and a low cost. With much less money and time he was able to make cartoons which matched (or in some cases beaten) disney cartoons. He was able to create memrobal characters who will carry on to live on well after his death.

Looney Tunes: Golden Collection, Vol. 4
Looney Tunes: Golden Collection, Vol. 4

Heres how he was able to come up with such great cartoons...

unique and stylised. Simple only showing what was needed to aid the animation. Bright. Characters not shaded.

Set movements and characteristics for characters, same for every cartoon there in. Characters made to be comical. Made for adults. Can be recognised in silhouette.
Mr Jones doesn’t draw Bugs Bunny. He draws pictures of Bugs Bunny” (Cholodenko,1991:59). His point was that the child thought of the character as being alive and believable, which was, in Jones’ belief, the key to true character animation.
Jones cartoons were all character driven. Cartoons based on situation comedy, how characters handle the situation there in. short 6 minutes in length.

But what makes Jones’ cartoons stand out is the gags themselves which are based on how the characters act in the situation there in or something random happening (the hop guy in dover boys) and the final punchline at the end of episodes.

"We never stopped to analyze what made our cartoons funny. If they made us laugh, then we hoped the audience would follow."(Jones, 2007:58).

Music was there to help drive the animation and was never used to substitute for animation(i.e you could watch the cartoon without music and still understand the story).
Jones created character by Way of Moving rather than by mere appearance. (Kenner, 1994:91)
The animation didnt have to be realistic (like in disneys shorts) ony belevable.
Didnt have as much money or time as disney. Make quick cartoons for cheep.
Pose to pose animation.
Use of cycles/reuse of cells
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